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Gina Cotner


“We love each other like family. We have the unique ability to wear different hats with each other.

Sometimes it’s the CEO developing her managers. Sometimes it’s girlfriends supporting each other through a tough spot in life. Sometimes it’s the Millennial schooling the Gen Xers on technology or the more modern way to do something.

One of us is a mother of two. One of us is an only child with no children. One of us is a foster parent who had 5 girl siblings in her home!

We are bold and communicate straight. We pull the best out of each other. We are compassionate and generous.

We hold each other to account. In our space people thrive. Wellness and Family are top priorities.”



Fun facts:

  • Serious Dog Lover
  • I love word games and card games
  • Big time Pickleball enthusiast
  • I’m a fighting warrior for people living lives that they love

Jennifer Tracy


“It is an honor to be a part of this team. We work for each other and with each other. Communication is the key to the success of any relationship. Being in communication on a daily basis allows us to work through anything together, fulfill on each other’s expectations, find the gaps of what is not working and put structures in place to have it work, and ensure that our clients and team know we have their back. I get to live an amazing life because of these two ladies and the space that they hold for my humanity and my greatness!”


Fun facts:

  • I obsess over my dog Tes
  • I love traveling anywhere with my husband, but especially Cabo
  • I love to cook!
  • My favorite music is Frank Sinatra, ABBA and Air Supply and I own it!

Dorian Zarbakhsh


“Working with these two ladies is unlike working anywhere else. We wear many different hats. We are friends, partners, and colleagues. Sometimes, we discuss things as Ops Manager to CEO. Sometimes, it’s Performance Manager to Client Care Manager. Sometimes, it’s girlfriends catching up on how life is for us. Regardless of which role is speaking to which, we are relentless about having the other win. We empower one another, we lead each other, and we don’t let one another get away with anything less than our best selves. There is truly nothing like leading and being led by people who empower you and want your life to work.”


Fun facts:

  • Love the outdoors with my husband and Daughter
  • Enjoy my Reformer Pilates sessions
  • My happy place is near any body of water
  • Empowering and elevating people is my passion

Blog Articles About Athena

Would I have done anything differently?

Would I have done anything differently?

Recently I was interviewed by a couple of students from the Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Washington. One of our current clients asked me if I would be willing to speak with them. When she introduced me via email, she said, “I believe that the training...

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The Leader Assistant

The Leader Assistant

We've been looking forward to the launch of this book! Our CEO, Gina Cotner, had the honor of writing a recommendation for The Leader Assistant, that is included on the inside pages. She was also interviewed by author Jeremy Burrows on his podcast last year, The...

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Happy 4th Birthday Athena!

Happy 4th Birthday Athena!

It’s Athena’s 4th birthday this week! Four years ago, we incorporated. And how are we faring? All in all, well. We are grateful. This business has always “worked from home”, whether it’s me the CEO in a two-bedroom condo near Alki Beach in Seattle, WA (oh yes, our...

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Our Vision for Our Clients

Our Vision for Our Clients

In this short video our CEO shares with you our Vision for our Clients. Many organizations have “A Vision” for the company. We do have a vision for our company, but we also have a vision for our staff, and a vision for our clients. All of them remind us of why we’re...

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Athena virtual assistants make it possible for our clients not only to get more done but to be more fulfilled and satisfied with the work that they do themselves. We take off your plate, those items that are not worthy of your time, skill, purpose and prowess.

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