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You may be saying to yourself, “Yes, of course Gina, my CALENDAR IS clearly my check register for Time. Duh. That’s where I would look to see if I had time for that project.” I know some of you have amazing calendars. Online. Color coded. Filters that can be turned on and off. Or appointments are “tagged” for different codings. You’re able to flip from family calendar to work calendar easily. Synchs with your phone. You might in fact have the best calendar ever!!

And yet, so many people don’t feel they have the BALANCE in their life that they want. Somehow the use of their time is NOT under their control in the way their money is.

So we overspend on Time (BEYOND what is in our Time account) and there are consequences and OVERDRAFT fees that come with your Time account. Overdraft fees such as – issues with your health issues in your relationships with your friends and family. That overdraft fee may show up as a lack of joy; lack of productivity; loss of love for what you are doing. You may be getting overdraft fee after overdraft fee and it looks like anxiety, frustration, annoyance, high blood pressure. If that’s the case, You have overdrawn on your Time Account. You’re attempting to live beyond your means. You’re trying to turn your 24 hours per day that you’ve been given into MORE somehow. You’re trying to squeeze more in.

We are Crazy! You got what you got, in terms of time. You got what we ALL got.

Let me pause here and stop talking for a minute and see if anyone would be willing to share any INSIGHTS they may be having, or something they may be realizing or noticing, or an Ah-Haaaaaa. Who would be courageous enough to any ideas/ insights/ thoughts/ notions about THEMSELVES that they are getting at this point.