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There really is a world of delegating effectively and turning over projects and tasks to another person in a way that leaves you freed up to go do the things that are a higher and better use of you and your unique talents and expertise. We will always shout this from the rooftops! When you are doing things that you enjoy and that utilize what you uniquely have to contribute to your organization or society, it is enlivening and fulfilling.

Over the years I have curated, read and written many things on the subject of delegation. It something I frequently discuss as a podcast guest. It is what feeds and fuels our firm. If people don’t delegate, we don’t have work to do.

Let’s say however, you already delegate to others, and you have become effective at that. Maybe you have even become really masterful at it. And now maybe, like with me, it thrills you. There is no low-level stuff that you feel obligated to do any more…

For instance, recently I saw an ad on Facebook for a silly mug and I said to myself “I HAVE to get that for my mom.” In the next 20 seconds, I sent the link to my Executive Assistant and asked her to do it. I will probably forget I delegated that, but I will hear from my mom when she gets it, and she will be delighted, and I will be delighted all over again that I did that.

Gina Cotner, CEO, Athena Executive Services


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