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Gina celebrated a milestone birthday a couple of years ago and wanted to do something on her bucket list – a yacht trip around the beautiful Puget Sound area where she lives most of the year. How the heck do you plan something so fabulous? You turn to your EA, of course! 

Gina’s EA did all kinds of research that was new to both of them. They learned a ton about what it takes to charter a yacht and all the planning that goes around an epic week-long adventure at sea. 

“The trip was stunning in many ways, but what was most remarkable for me and surprised me the most, was our captain. I kept finding myself in awe of all that he had to do and handle, and how graceful and amazing he was in the process, with anything and everything that came up. As I watched him work for us each day, I thought of all of the high-caliber executive assistants out there. 

I made some requests around the itinerary, as there were a few key places that I wanted to visit. But I had no idea what I was really asking for until I watched it play out. I didn’t know that I was asking to go places where the timing of the current and the tides would be difficult! 

I didn’t know the depth of the Swinomish Channel could be an issue. I just wanted to go to La Conner (quaint town on a channel of water, which I will never look at the same again!).

I didn’t know there were swirling currents and tricky tides at Deception Pass. I just wanted to go under the Deception Pass bridge. 

In many cases I did not know what I was asking for, and day by day as I watched it play out, I was amazed and frankly almost moved to tears by the situation. What situation? The situation where every day this captain (Captain Dick was his name) thought through so many details (tides, currents, weather, moorage, fuel, places to eat, etc.) all with a smile on his face and consistently tending to the happiness of the guests on board. Walking past me while he was going from the bow up to the fly bridge (yep, I have boat lingo now) he would pause and say, “Are you having a nice birthday Gina?”

The picture of the paddling duck feet underwater comes to mind. Gliding on top. Rapid kicking under water. Much like the life of a high-caliber executive assistant. 

Captain Dick was always striving to get the best for us. The best what? (Again, things I would never have thought of.) The best moorage slip at a very popular resort Marina. The best crab. (He caught us five large Dungeness crab! What?!) Anchoring in the best cove to watch the sun set and to watch the big glowing full moon rise in the sky. (Like I said, moved to tears at times by this man’s desire for excellence for his guests and clients.)

Of course, things never went 100% according to plan, and yet he pivoted, adapted, and adjusted with grace and calm. And continued to ask, “Are you having a nice birthday Gina?” I was amazed!”


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