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We have always been a virtual company. Our team of high-caliber, high-performing Virtual Executive Assistants are located all across the United States.

Working from home is a benefit and advantage for our contractors. However, this doesn’t mean they are working alone! Our team of virtual Executive Assistants stay connected via monthly strategy meetings and regular check-ins with leadership. This continuous investment in our team is so important, and is one of the many reasons we are thriving.

This article offers some fantastic insights on why ongoing training and mentoring is so important, especially in this current hiring climate. We couldn’t agree more!

“Companies are caught in the middle of a talent reshuffle right now, and the time has come to start thinking about how to support aspirations for career development.”

“Once you help your team members hone their respective skill sets, build their knowledge base, and grow professionally, you aren’t just attaining and retaining top talent—you’re building an environment where people can thrive.”