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This is the time of year that giving thanks is truly celebrated, and we have so much to be grateful for!

  • We are deeply thankful for everyone on the Athena Executive Services Team, both past and present.
  • We are especially thankful for every client we have ever had (even the few we have fired, who taught us a lot!)
  • Thankful to have been in business over 5 years.
  • Thankful that 2020 was only a dip for the business, followed by a rapid recovery.
  • Thankful that our firm is the biggest it has ever been (no matter which yardstick you want to use).
  • Thankful that we’ve discovered what our Superpowers really are here at Athena.
  • Thankful to be distinct and unique within the vast Virtual Assistant industry.
  • Thankful to never have posted a job advertisement for people to apply to work for us.
  • Thankful for what we Value here at Athena Executive Services:

• Confidentiality, Discretion & Security
• Responsibility
• Being Peaceful
• Being of Service
• Being Efficient
• Creativity