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Money can be made. Time cannot. If you blow $5,000 in Vegas you can earn it back. If you had a day recently where you were overwhelmed and took on too much, and it left you tired and cranky and not great with your kids or your staff, and it gave you a migraine, you don’t get that day back. There is no “do-over” on that day. It’s gone.

You all have different amounts of money in your checking account right now. There is an exact amount of money in your checking account at this moment An exact amount, after which, if you keep spending, you will be overdrawn.

Unlike money, we are all given the same amount of time in a day. It’s 24 hours for us all. Yet, sometimes we relate to time like we have more than we really do, leaving us trying to fit a 36 hour day into a 24 hour day. Why do we do that?!?!

While we all woke up today with different amounts of money in our checking accounts, we all woke up with the exact same amount of time. It’s not like I get a 32 hours in a day and that lady gets 20 hours in a day, and that guy gets 35. You, like everybody else, get 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. That’s 168 hours a week. That is how much is in your Time Account.

We’re pretty conscientious about spending money.  But we’re weird when it comes to spending this asset we have called “time”. Budgeting money and budgeting time are the same, but people don’t deal with it in the same way. People will give away or throw their time away in a way that they would not do with their money. Then they wonder why they are so overwhelmed, and never get to Yoga, and don’t have date-night with their partner, and never have a vacation.

Do you think there are no overdraft fees when you overspend on your time account (a.k.a. try to get a 36 hour day to fit into a 24 hour day)? Of course there are overdraft fees! And they are expensive! Those overdraft fees are: stress, the impact of stress on your body, high blood pressure, achiness, being short or rude with people when you don’t want to be, frustration in those around you, or feeling out of control.

Isn’t it time you stop overspending your time account?

(Need support with that? Call us.)