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We’ve been looking forward to the launch of this book! Our CEO, Gina Cotner, had the honor of writing a recommendation for The Leader Assistant, that is included on the inside pages. She was also interviewed by author Jeremy Burrows on his podcast last year, The Leader Assistant Podcast.

Gina and Jeremy discussed what it takes to be a virtual vs. on-site Executive Assistant, leadership, time management and other tips, as well as how to set yourself apart as a high-performing EA.

Jeremy is someone who stands for Executive Assistants being Leaders, not just task do-ers. Something we coach and live with our team at Athena Executive Services each day! The reason for the carabiner on the front cover? To paraphrase Jeremy, “An EA is someone who is surrounded by tension, but always holds things together for their executives who are up on the big rock wall.”

Congratulations to Jeremy on the launch of this awesome read and valuable resource on leadership and being a game-changer in our industry.

Buy The Leader Assistant on Amazon.