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Turning distractions and disruption into value!

The distractions and disruptions that happen working from home, can be turned on their head into something valuable. The annoyance or burden of laundry or dishes can be turned into a “brain break” or a break in the action of a stressful day. Maybe it’s time to get up from your desk and shake off that last phone call. Maybe last night’s dishes sitting in the sink, or drying on the counter, are now an opportunity to do something brainless for 10 minutes.

Do you have a morning ritual? The other day during our “morning ritual” time we decided to purge a closet. We emptied it; decided what to give away; re-organized and consolidated what was left; and put it neatly back in the closet. That was a very satisfying way to start a day! What was a pending, annoying house project that had been on our mind became something that gave us value and satisfaction at the start of our day.

One thing John and I particularly like about working at home together is that it combats the loneliness that can be there sometimes for an entrepreneur. We use each other to celebrate the big and small wins that happened throughout the week. We also use each other to bounce ideas off of. We often say, “Hey, when you have a minute could you look this over for me?” Or, “Hey, how would you deal with this situation?”

John is the chef in the house and while he’s not a formally trained chef, he is a really great cook and I’m so fortunate in these days of not going out to eat that we have healthy, creative and such flavorful meals. (We’re not above ordering pizza however!) My part of the bargain is that I do dishes, and make sure the kitchen is ready by the time he starts preparing dinner. So my breaks throughout the day may include pulling the Instant Pot or the sous-vide out of the pantry and setting it up some time in the afternoon.

John’s brain breaks include watering the plants or doing laundry. When I want some fresh air, I take out trash or recycle to the dumpster.

So, at the end of the day in the home and offices of Apollo and Athena, great work gets done, partnership abounds, and lo and behold a bunch of little things around the house get done. Like I said in my first blog . . . keeping the house neat is important when you live and work in 1100 square feet!


Gina Cotner

(Pictured: Delicious Ahi Poke Bowl, prepared by John!)