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It’s Athena’s 4th birthday this week! Four years ago, we incorporated. And how are we faring? All in all, well. We are grateful.

This business has always “worked from home”, whether it’s me the CEO in a two-bedroom condo near Alki Beach in Seattle, WA (oh yes, our lifestyle altered many weeks ago!) or it’s any of our great team who have always worked from home.

We did take a hit, losing a third of our clients in the last month. (Which leaves us with really strong, already-proven, remote EA talent available now!)

So now we pivot. Not pivoting what we provide, but perhaps who we serve. We’ve always served the “swamped and successful”. But who is now “swamped”? It’s not the keynote speakers and event planners, but rather the doctors and health organization managers scrambling to keep up. It’s perhaps not the start-up executive producing their new product in China, but rather managers involved in food distribution or financial advisors who are now on the phone eight hours a day.

So, we scan the horizon for the next ship captain that needs our help. We are here for you! (Usually I scan my crystal ball. But it’s broken. And the ball repair shop is closed until further notice.)

Be Well. Stay Safe.


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