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So the title of this presentation is, “I’m going to have a balanced life – as soon as I find the time”. You are, aren’t you? As soon as you find the time, things WILL GET balanced, yes?

Today my intention is to give you a new access, or a new perspective, or a new VIEW, about this thing people call “having a balanced” life. So this won’t be 5 Tips to A Balanced Life. This won’t be 3 Ways to Say No. However, with a new VIEW or a new PERSPECTIVE on this thing we call “TIME” you will naturally see for yourself what there is to do next in your OWN life, to create a balanced life for yourself. Whatever you consider “balanced”.

And what it will take to ACHIEVE what you call a balanced life will be different for everyone. That’s why I’m not going to say at the end of this talk, now go back to your offices and do X, Y, Z. However at the end of this, I think you will leave here with a few things that you can start doing (or stop doing) that will help you achieve what you call a balanced life.

What will make this talk particularly valuable is if you are on the hunt for some new insights. It’s those insights that will naturally lead you to new actions to take, or in many cases, actions to Stop taking. If this talk is really valuable, and goes really well, then you may have what I’ll call some “bad news” insights about yourself that may really alter how you relate to this precious asset we all have, called Time.

Stay tuned for our next vlog…