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Ok, so now back to my request that you do this project by the end of the month. Many people can’t say if they can do that or not.  When you’re out of money you start bouncing checks. However with time, we have some crazy notion that we can keep squeezing things in. Now what might naturally come next is an entire training on how to deal with your calendar. Yes I could, but I’m not going to go there today.  

So Gina – WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT OUR CRAZINESS AROUND TIME? I have really in depth coaching for you here: Just Stop It. Some of you may remember the famous Bob Newhart scene where he’s advising his therapy client telling her to Just STOP IT. Really thought, just Stop your craziness. 

I know it’s not quite that easy. Why? Because for many people, your environment (the people around you, the circumstances around you, the situations you find yourself in) are very USED TO you trying to put 20 pounds of manure into a 10 pound bag. They may be accustomed to you working your butt off and being overwhelmed. They think, that’s just how you are. And some of you are paying the overdraft fees for being that kind of martyr or saint or hero in your environment. (That might be a bad news insight.) 

So now what? You get to choose, and design your precious life (your precious 168 hours each week) in a way that honors YOU. You. You. You. Now – Is that selfish? No! 

Here is what is selfish – letting yourself get run into the ground, and having people worry about you, or feel bad for you, or hope that one day they will get to have a relaxed and fun conversation with you. If you want to be a real contribution to the people around you, and make the difference you’re really out to make with your business and in the world, then TAKE CARE of YOUR Self.

If you design the minutes of your precious life in a way that honors YOU, then people will really get the BEST version of you. Do you notice that when you’re not overwhelmed, you’re lovely to be with? You’re a joy. You’re present. Do you notice that when you’re not overwhelmed the work you do, is GREAT work? And even when you do work really hard one day or one week, you’re TOTALLY satisfied and fulfilled and proud. That’s what can happen when you stop electing to try to get 20 pounds of You Know What in a 10 pound bag.