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We are delighted to share that our CEO is giving a talk on one of her areas of expertise this month! She is speaking about scheduling and living a balanced life as the luncheon speaker for the Women Business Owners organization on March 28th in Bellevue, WA! A balanced life is the kind of life you want; it has the kind of balance you want, and that is very unique to you! That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re meditating every morning before work and getting to yoga a few times a week.
Is having a peaceful and sane schedule that serves you, selfish? No. Here is what is selfish – letting yourself get run into the ground, and having people worry about you, or feel bad for you, or hope that one day they will get to have a relaxed and fun conversation with you. If you want to be a real contribution to the people around you, and make the difference you’re really out to make with your business and in the world, then take great care of your Self. 
If you design the minutes of your precious life in a way that honors you, then people will really get the best version of you. Do you notice that when you’re not overwhelmed, you’re lovely to be with? You’re a joy. You’re present. Do you notice that when you’re not overwhelmed the work you do, is great work? And even when you do work really hard one day or one week, you’re totally satisfied and fulfilled and proud. This is what is possible when you schedule and live a life with the balance that you want!
To learn more about this talk or to buy tickets, please go here.