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Gina Cotner, our CEO, was recently interviewed by Matthew Jarvis of the Perfect RIA on the world of Delegation. The Perfect RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) is an organization started by Micah Shilanski and Matt Jarvis who both have financial advisor practices. Both are focused on process and efficiency while delivering top-notch client service. Also, both practices defy most industry benchmarks on profitability. These two are big believers in family and time off. They focus on dividing their time equally between work and family, which in 2017 meant that each took as many family days off as they did office days. In other words, Micah and Matt have world-class practices while spending 6+ months of the year out of the office. They have created the Perfect RIA to be able to coach and give away what they’ve got to others in their industry. 

One thing they are a big proponent of is Delegating! At Athena Executive Services, we thrive with executives who are ready, willing and able to delegate. You will find many great tips in this podcast for delegating, and you will hear two professionals authentically address the real concerns that many people have with delegating tasks and projects. Wondering what you could delegate? In the written intro for this podcast, you’ll encounter a link to all that Matthew has delegated to his Executive Assistant in the last 9 months. It’s a long, long list of a huge variety of tasks that will get your wheels turning about what you could delegate off your plate so that you can stay focused on the areas of business, family, and life, that need you most!