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I’m going to start to pull all this together now: So, we’ve talked about how time is different than money, in that you can’t make more of it. And we all have the same amount of time. You’ve begun to think about what would be a Balanced Life for you. And we’ve talked about how we are all crazy and try to shove more into our 168 hours/week than really fits. So how does this all come together? You’re doing things in your 168 hours that are displacing the things you said, which if you had, would give you a balanced life.

So, I’m going to stop talking here soon, but first I want to ask you – what is one thing you see you can stop doing, or start doing to improve the Balance in your life and get it closer to the way you want?

Here’s how the rest of our time will go here. (Don’t touch your envelope yet!!) Take 10 minutes with the worksheets that are inside your envelope. They are Double Sided! I recommend you take a few minutes to start to fill it out by yourself and start to ponder the items on the worksheet. Then use the people at your table if/when you get stuck. They may have some answers to some questions that you want to steal! Totally fine! Then share some of your answers with each other. And look to see what could get added into your life, and what could get removed from your life, to get closer to the kind of life balance you desire.