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“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”

– Henry David Thoreau

We all know that rest and sleep allow our body and mind to recover, rejuvenate and heal. Studies have shown how important this is. Experts have published articles and papers about the increased levels of productivity and satisfaction with one’s work when you allow yourself to take brain breaks throughout the day. People who do high intensity activities for their workouts know the importance of stretching and recovery time. Yet with all of this knowledge few people seem to schedule and honor times in their calendar for rejuvenating their mind or their body, their mental or emotional wellness.  The more you demand of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, the more you need to refuel and rejuvenate those parts of you.

Great Executive Assistants design a life for their executive that is the kind of life that a person would want to wake up and live! Left to our own devices as business owners and executives we will be awful with ourselves. We overbook ourselves. We try to keep squeezing one more thing into the day. But when somebody else, who has our best interests in mind, goes about designing our schedule, they do a much better job! Sometimes your assistant is the only person who knows or cares that you leave the office at a decent hour.

Rejuvenate yourself. Get yourself fed. The world needs more people like you! The world does not need the exhausted version of you. You at your best, is a gift to the world! If you can’t trust yourself to schedule and honor living a balanced life (however you define that for you), then turn it over to somebody who will support you in that. If you think a more balanced life is truly not possible for you, we should talk.


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