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Working Virtually Isn’t Going Anywhere

Like the author of this article, our team has been working remotely since the start of our company, almost five years ago. Working from home is a benefit and advantage for our contractors. Our team of virtual Executive Assistants stay connected via bi-weekly strategy...

What does it take to manage people remotely?

What does it take to manage people remotely? As the founder and CEO of Athena, that’s all I’ve ever done. We didn’t “transition” our business to a “work from home” business. That’s been the primary benefit for our staff right from the beginning. With the pandemic came...

The Accountable Leader

Our CEO Gina Cotner frequently speaks to other Admin and Executive organizations on successfully managing expectations what accountability really looks like. Our own team of high-performing Executive Assistants are continuously trained and mentored on setting and...

Failure isn’t the opposite of success

Yes, Bill Gates, I agree. “Success isn’t binary.”  Is the opposite of Success, Failure? No. Success is incremental. Are you learning lessons along the way? This is key. And this has been the key for our company. Certain clauses in our...

Compensation and the High-Level Executive Assistant

For many, the conversation about compensation can be uncomfortable or even daunting. What is a high level Executive Assistant actually worth? Who decides that amount and assigns a number value? This excellent article, featuring several thought leaders in the EA space,...