Coaching our clients and Executive Assistants on effective delegation is one of the most important things we continue to do. Delegating with intention keeps a partnership strong and productive.

We like this article that outlines 7 tips the author finds effective. “Even though delegation of tasks sounds like an easy process and some leaders make it look easy, the fact is it requires a lot of trust, communication, and coordination, especially in the current scenario when leading a remote team is nothing short of a formidable challenge.”

Do you delegate with purpose and a plan?

Did you know we also provide coaching? It’s true! We have a coaching program for the great assistant you already have today! This 8-session coaching program elevates your assistant to a high-caliber Executive Assistant. In this coaching series, we give away our secret sauce. We share the traits, characteristics and best practices that make for a high performing EA. We can deliver this one-on-one or with a small group. 

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