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“But business is slow. I’m not as busy as I once was. How can I justify Time Off?” Time Off is for your overall wellness. And you have been taxed during the pandemic.  You have been taxed mentally, emotionally and perhaps financially and physically. It has been a taxing time and it takes more than you are used to, to take good care of yourself. And yet, it’s more critical than ever!

I realize that some people are now swamped and busier than ever, but if you’re busier than ever, you already know you must take some time off or you will burn-out.

It may be hard to think of Time Off because you don’t feel that you can really go anywhere. How can you take Time Off and just sit on your couch? You’re not going to the lake cabin you usually do every summer. There isn’t the annual family reunion. You aren’t interested in hopping on a plane and going to that place you love. But you can still take Time Off to rejuvenate your mind and body and it’s important to do so!

Use your creativity to design a few days off where you do not work. What else Is possible for relaxation even if it’s not what you’ve done in the past? You want to consider “What feeds me? What is nourishing for me that I can have here at home, or at an Air-bnb a couple of hours away?” A fancy picnic in the back yard? A lazy day of movies, games, puzzles or crafting? Cooking a meal that takes a lot more time than you usually have for cooking? Starting that hobby you’ve been thinking about? Set up a phone date with an old friend that you haven’t caught up with in a while. What projects would be fun while you’re on Time Off?

You can build an itinerary for you, designed by you. Get creative and invest in your wellness by taking some Time Off.


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