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The Art of Productivity

Being productive takes planning, and energy. We have all put off those things that we really wanted or needed to do! We recently read a fantastic blog post about how time, energy and attention are all at the core of being more productive, and the importance of daily...

Effective Delegation with Gina Cotner

Athena Executive Services CEO Gina Cotner was recently interviewed by Gabe Nelson on his podcast, “Solopreneur Money”. The two discussed the art of delegation, Gina’s path to becoming an entrepreneur and how to strike a balance between demanding and...

Thriving During a Crisis

“On the best of days, many CEOs would be lost without their EAs. In the chaos of the pandemic, exemplary assistance is not a luxury, but a requirement.” Of course… we couldn’t agree more! A good Executive Assistant is much more than a...

Delegating the “Heavy Lifting”

The art of delegating can be tricky, but worth it!  How do you develop the people around you to really rise up and take on more of the ‘heavy lifting’ of your company? Giving things ‘away’ can seem daunting but once you do the real work of...

Cut Through the Boredom!

Asian Efficiency is a blog we consistently return to. This recent post about tackling so-called ‘boring’ tasks has some useful tips on learning to form productive habits, as well as long- and short-term solutions to overcoming lethargy. Of course, one...