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Hi all. Gina Cotner here, the founder and CEO of Athena Executive Services.

This week is my birthday week, which is always a time of reflection, gratitude, and appreciation for my life. One way to celebrate is by sending my mom a Birth Day card every year. She really is the one who did all the work that day and yet I’m the one who gets gifts and cake every year. Seems funny.

In honor of this company and the life I have been given, I thought I would share with you the Vision I wrote for my life over 12 years ago. I was about 33 years old then.  This was many moons ago in terms of my career, my loves, my homes, my friends and community. And yet, it is still so very true about me, who I am and what my life is for.

Athena Executive Services is an expression of this Vision becoming a reality.

Don’t be afraid to write your vision. You know who you are and what you were put on earth to contribute. Put your vision out there. It will, in due time, all come to fruition.