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I can do it faster myself. It’s going to take me longer to explain what to do, than it will take for me to do it myself!

No one will do it like I want it done.

No one can do it as well as I do.

I tried delegating before. It didn’t go well.

Sound familiar?

Those concerns and thoughts are all valid and in fact are 100% accurate in many cases. The alternative to not delegating however, is that if you don’t invest the time and effort to delegate, you have sentenced yourself to keeping that item on your plate forever. Delegating is an investment in your future and how life can look for you three months from now. If you don’t want a new or different experience of life three months from now, then there is no need to delegate. Let us be clear and say again, delegating is an investment. It will take time and energy on your part to do it well.

It is an investment in the life you will get to live three months from now. The sooner you invest, the sooner you will be free of that task or that project that is not the best use of your time.