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Every week people ask us about what we offer and how it works. They are often toying with the idea of having some kind of “assistant”. They realize that they can’t keep going on the way they are, with the level of stress, unworkability or chaos that they have. By the time they come to us, some people are already experimenting with virtual assistants that you can contract online and overseas. Some have an artificial intelligence system doing their scheduling. Some people are trying out a friend as their assistant. Some have had executive assistants in the past and are resigned that they will ever get one that really works well for them. This is why we created an Exploration Process for people who are shopping the “idea” of having an assistant, or are shopping the idea of a remote or “virtual” assistant.

This Exploration Process includes a Questionnaire that has people contemplate what they are currently doing that is beneath their pay grade, or not the best use of their time for the growth of their department or their company.

The Exploration Process also includes a few articles along the way to read to help them further ponder what the best use of an executive assistant might be for them personally. This is all designed to customize what an executive assistant might really do for this particular person in their particular situation.

But here’s the kicker. In the middle of the questionnaire are these two questions: 1) If you had 5 more hours each week to work on something(s) you are not able to get to (or not able to get to enough), what would you spend those hours doing?  2) Then, if you had yet 5 more hours each week for you to work on something(s) you are not able to get to (or not able to get to enough), what would you do with those 5 more hours each week?

The answers we get to these two questions are fascinating. We’ve seen everything from “Strategic Planning” to “Cooking at home more”.

So these are the big questions, when considering bringing on a high caliber assistant – What would you be doing if you weren’t bogged down with things that aren’t the best use of your time? How much more money would your department or company be making if you did those things? How much more enjoyable would work be for you?