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I don’t have time for Yoga. I don’t have time to learn Pickleball. I don’t have time to see my parents. I don’t have time for a lunch date with a friend. Someday when I have more time, I’ll be one of those people.

Is that you, or something like you? Some weeks, is this the case? It was for me, for a long time.

There may be many ways to solve this issue. I’ll share with you what made the biggest difference for me .

First it has to be an issue or a problem for you. Not visiting your parents, or not taking time to talk to them has to first become an issue for you. Your current level of fitness or health has to occur for you like an issue, or a problem that you’re out to solve.

(Side note: If you’re 50+ I recommend this book to motivate you about fitness over your next 30 years: Younger Next Year.)

Once you’re committed, once you see something as a problem that you’re out to solve, then what? How to get things that feed your mind or body into your schedule. Your calendar is full. There are only 24 hours in a day.


Put it in your calendar. That thing that you “don’t have time to do” that would really feed you – SCHEDULE IT in your calendar. Your schedule may be so full that you can’t see a space in your schedule to put it for a few weeks. That’s fine. For example you may schedule yourself to go for a walk for 30 minutes every day, starting 2 weeks from now.

Now, here’s the key. HONOR IT. Work around it. When someone asks if you’re available at 3pm on Tuesday and you are going to go for a walk then, you say, “I’m not available then, how about Wednesday at 10am?” You do not need to say anything more than “I’m not available then.”

If you schedule it and honor it, here are some discoveries you may have:

• You can do that 60 minute meeting in 30 minutes
• You can talk to that co-worker, staff person or friend while you’re going for a walk
• You can not always be the one to raise your hand and say, “Sure I’ll do that.”
• You can delegate more and allow those around you to contribute to you more

Once you start honoring the items in your schedule that feed and nurture your mind, body or spirit, you will find that you have more energy for the rest of life. You will find that who is now working, attending meetings, making sales calls, or making dinner is a much happier, more effective human being. You will get better at producing results with less time and less effort.

Gina Cotner, CEO