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Our Executive Virtual Assistants Love working with Financial Advisors

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Please email Jennifer Tracy to schedule time to learn more about hiring an Athena Executive Services Virtual Executive Assistant

Tasks Our virtual assistants can do for you:


Schedule management


Calendar proofing 

Inbox triage

Support you in staying on track with your commitments and goals

Travel arrangements
Expense tracking and reporting
Internet research
Online ordering
Social media posting and tracking
CRM updating and management
Email marketing coordination
Virtual file management and organization
Schedule and coordinate surge meetings
Project manage your client on boarding processes

Software Used by Our Executive Assistants:

Project Management / Task-Tracking Tools





Client Relationship Management (Crm)











Specific to Financial Advisors looking for an Executive Assistant (EA)

Can I have my EA sign an NDA?

Our Master Services Agreement (Section #5, “Confidentiality”) will likely cover what you would like covered by using an NDA, and thus an NDA is likely not needed.

How can I ensure confidentiality and security when my EA is handling important client information?

Our EAs take actions to ensure this by making sure that:

  • their computers have the latest firewall and antivirus protections
  • Bitlocker Encryption is enabled for Mac users
  • they use a secure password application to store all passwords
  • they regularly use 2-factor authentication
  • You are welcome to provide your EA with a laptop used solely for their work with you, or set them up with a Virtual Remote Desktop App, if you like. 
Do you run Background Checks?

We do run a background check if requested, however if you require fingerprinting then your company will run the background check since you will need the background check to come from the same company as your fingerprinting.

Will my EA be knowledgeable about my industry?

While most of our EAs either have worked for or are currently working with a Financial Advisor, if you are matched with an EA that has not worked with a FA, our team of EAs will support them in getting up to speed quickly.

  • We have monthly meetings with all EAs that work with a Financial Advisor to ensure they are getting the support that they need from each other. 
  • We offer trainings in Wealthbox, Redtail and Advyzon. 
  • The Athena Team uses Slack on a daily basis to ask questions of each other when they need a quick answer. 
  • Our EAs have many different structures in place to streamline surges.
  • Most EAs are client-facing and have structures in place to help you manage the Client Onboarding process from beginning to end.
  • Every EA has a bi-weekly coaching session with their Performance Coach to keep up their level of excellence in their work with you.
Can my EA answer the phones for me?

Likely, you’re wanting a part-time EA who works for you 10 – 15 hours/ week. So they will not be able to answer the phones throughout the day as a full-time EA might do. Some clients use a voicemail system and their EA listens to messages once or twice a day, then returns calls during the time of day they have set aside to work for you. 

Client Testimonials

Ten years of pent-up delegation. I had been running my solo practice by myself for 10 years when I added my first VA to handle my back office. A year later I discovered Athena and brought on Christina to handle the front office.

Christina has been an absolute Rockstar in handling all things administrative, freeing me up to focus doing what I do best. I highly recommend Athena Executive Services to anyone who is looking for a true partner to help them get the have-to’s off their plate and focus on the want-to’s.

Gabe Nelson, CFP®, Financial Advisor, Gabe Nelson Financial, Inc.

I just want to say, “Wow!” Teresa is amazing! She’s had a really significant impact on our business: implementing a new appointment-scheduling system, helping design a new quarterly service routine, and jumping in right-and-left to help with day-to-day tasks. And she does it all with such grace! She’s quickly become an inseparable part of our team.

Good for you for seeing Teresa’s potential and adding her to your team. I’m so grateful!

John Clardy, Senior Vice President, Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas

It’s been really spectacular working with Ali. She works for me 20 hours a week and gets just amazing things done. I can never believe that it’s only 20 hours; it feels like it’s 30- or 40-hours’ worth of work. I’ll put my personal endorsement on the work that gets done with the Executive Assistants at Athena Executive Services. I have worked with them for a little over a year now and what feels like a lot of years. I can’t say enough about the difference it has made with my time and productivity. I recently sent a list out to my coaching program, of all the things I had delegated to Ali over the last nine months, and it was a pretty exhaustive list. I even surprised myself. Ali has covered everything from planning a large birthday party for my Grandmother out of state, to scheduling my monthly travel, to finding and hiring professional PowerPoint designers, videographers, podcast gurus and graphic designers. Like Gina says, there is no request too crazy.

Matthew Jarvis, Financial Adviser, Consultant, Jarvis Financial

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