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Don’t wait to want to exercise. Don’t wait to want to make that phone call.

Ever notice how happy or relieved you are AFTER you exercise? AFTER you make that call? AFTER you get that issue resolved? The inspiration and satisfaction is coming. It will come AFTER you do it. Sometimes not before. But that doesn’t have to stop you.

You will be inspired and glad that you did it AFTER you do the thing.


Tips for doing the thing whether you feel like it or not:

•  Make a promise to someone that you will do it. Call someone important to you, or yell down the hallway and say, “I’m going to call that person by 10am today!” Then let them know after you did it!

•  Do what someone would do, who does the thing you’re resisting doing. Take those same actions that person would take. This falls under “fake-it-until-you-make-it”. Someone who works out, puts on the appropriate shoes for that and the clothes for that, and then starts moving their body. You can do that.

•  Give yourself the grace to do that thing not perfectly! Sometimes I drag myself into a workout saying to myself, “Oh well, I’ll have a lame workout.” But of course, lo-and-behold, I start working out and then I’m into it. I’m NOT into it before hand, but that doesn’t have to stop me.

•  Have that conversation even though you don’t have it perfectly planned out. So what? Just get into it. You’ll be glad you did.

•  Whatever it is, just START it! Talk to yourself about it less and get in action. Take the first step, then the second, then then third.

What are you committed to doing whether you feel like it or not?