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Delegating is going to require that you give up some control. That’s just how it is. So you can keep control and keep all that stuff on your plate that is truly not the best use of you. Or you can let go of a little control and start to reap the benefits of delegation. The payoffs of releasing your grip on some tasks and projects will be that you will get time back in your life. Having other people take over some of your tasks and projects may also result in them finding new, different or better ways of doing what you’ve  been doing. That may be confronting or uncomfortable, and yet very valuable for you and your company.

Delegating takes practice. You may not be good at it in the beginning. You will improve. You will get better at giving direction efficiently and in a way that someone can take your projects and run with them. But then, you really do need to let them “run” with it, not just walk two blocks with it. Give them enough leash to really show you what they can do. Be open to being surprised.

Thank you to Biz Chix podcast #349 (How to Delegate Your Calendar) for the phrase that I’m now saying every day to prospective clients: Do you want control, or do you want time?