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“It takes too long to explain what I want done!” Have you ever had that thought?

“I know I should delegate this, but it will take me longer to explain how to do it then it will take for me to simply do it myself!” You are correct. You are absolutely right. So why bother? The only reason to bother and invest the time it will take to delegate something really well to somebody is for the investment in your future.

If you invest the time upfront (and to be clear, it’s an investment of your time, and that is an important resource) you will begin to give yourself a new kind of future. A future where the next time you delegate this task, you’ll have less to explain. And a little less the next time. Then finally, you don’t have to explain it at all. You can simply say, “Please do this.” And you are now no longer the person having to do that task or project. You have freed yourself because of the investment you began to make last month or last year.

The sooner you start investing, the sooner you will free yourself of that task or project that is not the best use of your time or your mind, so you can do the work that contributes to your company, your home, or your organization.

Athena Executive Services CEO, Gina Cotner (via YouTube)