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Athena Executive Services provides virtual executive assistants to busy, high-performing individuals. Whether it’s a single dad running a multi-national company; an entrepreneur working tireless hours trying to book his next business trip using his phone while waiting for his quad-cappuccino to come up on the counter; or a newly promoted Vice President who remembers when she used to have time for yoga . . . we provide immediate relief!

Our Executive Assistants are contractors who provide their own equipment and work remotely.

Working part-time or full time, they are out of sight and often out of mind, while they are busy taking ownership of and completing many items on your to-do list.

Athena allows for our clients not only to get more done, but leaves them more fulfilled and satisfied with the work that they do themselves. We take off your plate, those items that are not worthy of your time, skill, purpose and prowess.

Whether it’s booking your family’s spring break trip, helping you slay your inbox, pulling together documents for your mortgage application, or being the bouncer and bodyguard for your calendar . . . we do that.