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Athena Executive Services offers a coaching program for the Executive Assistant you already have! This program is especially beneficial for those who are new to being an Executive Assistant. You may have hired an assistant that you think has great potential, but perhaps doesn’t yet have the chops to be that elevated kind of assistant we call an Executive Assistant. Perhaps you have a great assistant whose performance you simply want to elevate. This coaching program produces high-performing Executive Assistants.

Our coaching program includes 8 hours of coaching and is done over the phone in 8 – 10 phone calls. Each coaching session covers one of our 8 Key Distinctions to being a high-performing Executive Assistant.  We also have time on each coaching call dedicated to specifically what they have on their plate as an EA and where they are challenged and need coaching in specific areas of their performance. We make sure they leave each session with specific ways of being or ways of acting to practice to make them more effective or efficient in their work with you. We also elicit your input prior to the coaching series and in the middle of the series so you can provide input on where you feel they most need development.

I had never been an Executive Assistant before I took my current job. I was looking for something part time while I was starting my own business. I consider myself a highly organized, professional and efficient person which is why being an Executive Assistant fit so well! My boss asked if I would take on coaching with Gina and I am so glad that I did. Not only have I elevated my game in organization, professionalism and efficiency, Gina gave me new places to look and expand into working for high caliber people. Gina not only coached me as an Executive Assistant, giving me tools that have me win and my boss win, but she also coached me in having my life work, as well. What I got was that when my life works, I can make other people’s life work. During our coaching sessions, I gained the tools and confidence to rock as an Executive Assistant (my boss tells me almost weekly what a great asset I am and how much he appreciates me) and I made my business move forward, my marriage move forward and had the experience of just kicking butt at life. I cannot say enough good things, or express enough gratitude to Gina! Thank you! -Elizabeth Cunningham