One point this article makes is that “by 2009, when remote work was still, for most, a novelty, 40% of IBM’s 386,000 global employees already worked at home.” I’m Gina, the founder of Athena, and I was one of those people! My first experience of working from home was with IBM around 2004. I had moved 60 miles outside of Seattle which made commuting to the (then) IBM building in downtown Seattle unthinkable. My boss was willing to let me do it, but was strict with me about it, which in hindsight I think started my strong work-from-home habits. He was clearly concerned that he would be paying for me to sunbathe on my back deck or do laundry. It had me quickly learn how to both be highly productive at home and also occur for those back in the big office as someone who was producing. This article says that some people thrive working at home, and some are a little lost at home, and that is indeed my experience as I run a virtual firm. It all depends on the person and what environment supports them. I also love the point in here that telecommuting is a real boon to clean air!