The Parliament

What is a Parliament, you ask? In Greek mythology, the owl is the symbol for Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Owls are generally solitary, but when seen together the group is called a “parliament” as they have long been considered to be of a wise disposition. 

The Executive Assistants who are selected for our team go through an extensive 5-phase screening process, including an audition that usually takes two to four days to complete. This audition allows them to demonstrate their prowess and ability to do the kind of work we most often do for clients.

Gina Cotner - CEO

Fun facts:

  • Serious Dog Lover
  • I love word games and card games
  • Favorite game on my phone – Boggle
  • I’m a fighting warrior for people living lives that they love

Jennifer Tracy - Operations Manager

Fun facts:

  • I obsess over my dog Tes
  • I love traveling anywhere with my husband, but especially Cabo
  • I love to cook!
  • My favorite music is Frank Sinatra, ABBA and Air Supply and I own it!

Alison Merten

Fun facts:

  • Head over heels for my 5-year-old son, Aksel
  • Music junkie
  • You can always find me with camera in hand
  • Love being on the dance floor
  • I am obnoxious about the people that I love having a life that they adore

Hope Beach

Fun facts:

  • I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA
  • My favorite thing is traveling the world with friends!
  • AND following Phish!
  • I love sharing my life with friends and family

Corene Caley

Fun facts:

  • I initially had plans to become an English teacher
  • I specialize in Social Media Management and Content Writing
  • I love helping others and going that extra mile for clients
  • I live in the woods of Sammamish, WA with my hilarious husband and teenage daughter

Debra Greywolf

Fun facts:

  • I’ve lived in seven states and three countries
  • I’m frequently found camping on the Oregon coast
  • Sassy, radical, homeschooling parent
  • I studied to be a theatrical stage manager
  • I geek out about spreadsheets and project planning software
  • I love assisting others that are out to change the world

Samuel Long

Fun facts:

  • I was born and raised in Thailand
  • I was a professional Muay Thai fighter
  • Spartan racer and scuba diver
  • I am dedicated to my family
  • Cooking is a passion of mine

Diann Spicer

Fun facts:

  • I am an opera singer
  • I compete in karaoke competitions!
  • I love to travel internationally

Teresa Sciarretta

Fun facts:

  • I have an insatiable love for spicy food
  • Super Woman single Mom to an amazing Super Woman daughter
  • I enjoy drinking iced coffee even if it’s 32 degrees outside
  • Movement is my passion! I take ballet for fun and have taught Fletcher Pilates for over 10 years

Piper Davies

Fun facts:

  • I live in Maui & am an active outdoor enthusiast. I own a mountain bike, 2 SUP’s & snorkel gear
  • I adore the ocean & typically walk at least 5 miles on the beach every day
  • I’m a certified SCUBA diver
  • I have completed 5 triathlons, and have raised over $70k for cancer research

Tiffany Lewis

Fun facts:

  • The beach is my happy place
  • I love animals of all kinds…currently the family has two snakes, a bearded dragon, turtle, two goats, pig & a dog!
  • Food is one of my favorite things, especially Mexican food
  • I love cooking
  • Proud Momma of three wild and sassy girls


Fun Facts:
  • I have dual citizenship with Luxembourg
  • I have traveled to 19 countries, 3 continents and have lived in 3 countries
  • I love spreadsheets and checklists
  • I am insatiably curious about humanity


Fun Facts:
  • I have 3 children, my oldest is 15 and my youngest is 4
  • I was on a swim team for 11 years and I still enjoying swimming
  • My family and I love travelling to new places!
  • I love to read to learn new things


Fun Facts:
  • I am a photographer and have been doing it professionally for 17 years
  • I live in Mexico
  • I am a huge Seahawks fan
  • I am a proud auntie to Etta


Fun Facts:
  • I have a cookie decorating side hustle
  • I’m a obsessed with organizing and planning (yes, I have a color-coded calendar)
  • I’m a mama to a sweet baby boy
  • I’ve been a horseback rider since I was 13 years old


Fun Facts:
  • I’m an East Coat Girl, and have lived in NY my whole life
  • My husband and I enjoy finding delicious eats wherever we go
  • I love to travel. Two of my favorite trips were to the Amalfi Coast and South Africa
  • I’m a Momma to a sweet baby girl

Gina does an amazing job of generating value and connection with a virtual team. Though I worked as an individual and ran my own business, I also knew I had a team of amazing resources if ever I needed anything. Being part of the Athena team had me grow professionally and personally. We were always looking for where we could take the company vision, not just to clients, but to ourselves. Gina cares about the well-being of everyone she works with, clients as well as contractors. Athena truly takes on the definition of partnership and having your back. You absolutely know you’re going to get the results that make a difference when you work with Athena.

Piper Davies

Recruitment Specialist at Okera, Natural Connector, Transformational Healer and Coach