Your Executive Assistant Leverages Your Time 

A powerful Executive Assistant comes to you and gleans from you what they need as quickly and efficiently as possible. You don’t have to waste time chasing them down. They will find you and “manage up” to get what they need. Five minutes with you, a busy executive or business owner, gets them what they need to move five projects forward, while you move on to more important things. We are clear that the less time we take from our busy client, the more time they get to spend on the areas of their business that need their expertise, energy, and creativity the most.

Before even coming to you, a great EA asks themselves, What can I do to figure this out on my own? Where else can I go for answers? Is there someone else I could ask? We also know that clients are not always going to give perfect instructions. This is not a problem. We know that our clients are running from meeting to meeting, and maybe have just a minute to shoot their EA a quick text. We know it is our job to ask the questions needed to get what we need to do a great job, and we do that as efficiently as we can.