Ya, we know, that’s a weird title. We got that as an actual text this week from a CEO who’s had an Athena virtual EA for nearly 2 years. He sadly decided it was an expense that he just couldn’t bear any more, and we disengaged with him last Friday. He left us as a friend and a fan. Then Tuesday morning we got his text, “It’s tough wo an Ea!” Once you’ve had a lifestyle where you delegate everything that is not the best use of your time, it is hard to go back to managing those things yourself. It’s an awful use of your time! It’s not your self expression. It’s not the best use of you as the unique and special resource you are for your company. It’s draining because it’s not enlivening for you. So, we’re resuming working for him next Monday so he can stay focused on being utilized where he is needed most in his company.