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Tips for Effective Delegation

Coaching our clients and Executive Assistants on effective delegation is one of the most important things we continue to do. Delegating with intention keeps a partnership strong and productive. We like this article that outlines 7 tips the author finds effective....

The Leader Assistant

We’ve been looking forward to the launch of this book! Our CEO, Gina Cotner, had the honor of writing a recommendation for The Leader Assistant, that is included on the inside pages. She was also interviewed by author Jeremy Burrows on his podcast last year, The...

Managing people remotely

Athena has always been a work-from-home company. 100% virtual, from Day 1.     But what does it take to manage your staff from home? There’s a lot that has come out in the last week or two on tips for working from home. But how do you manage your team, while sitting...

Delegate Effectively

Enjoy this great podcast about delegating effectively! We love Asian Efficiency and learned a lot from this particular episode. If you don’t have an hour to learn about delegation, check out the podcast cheat sheet and pick a section that sounds good to you! Perhaps...